Exhibition view at Škuc gallery, Was it a car or a cat I saw, 2015


Sooner or later, virtually every artist comes face to face with an artwork by another artist which, at first glance, looks similar, or even identical to his own.
This irritating experience was the starting point for me to address several key questions in connection with creativity and an artistic work, as well as how it should be read, or understood, and evaluated. So, together with Vladimir Vidmar, curator of Škuc Gallery, we invited fifteen artists to participate in this project with their works. The works were chosen in doubles and triples solely based on their formal and visual similarity. Finally, fourteen works were displayed at the exhibition.
For the opening evening and guided tours, visitors were welcomed by twins Jaka and Luka.

Works by artists: Jasmina Cibic, Elena Damiani, Vlatka Horvat, Nikita Kadan, Tanja Lažetić, David Maljković, Alenka Pirman, Reinigungsgesellschaft, Kelly Schacht, schultzschultz, Nika Špan in Adam Vačkar



Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana
Curated by Vladimir Vidmar

Škuc Gallery

Text by Vladimir Vidmar SL / EN

Exhibition view: Schultzschultz (left), Nika Špan (right)

Exhibition view: Elena Damiani (left), Vlatka Horvat (right)

Vlatka Horvat, Topographies I, 2011

Elena Damiani, The Mountaineer, 2011
Exhibition view: Elena Damiani (left), David Maljković (right)
David Maljković, Retired form, 2008
Exhibition view: Jasmina Cibic
Jasmina Cibic, Gradually discard superfluities (Instructions series), 2015
Exhibition view: Adam Vačkar (left), Jasmina Cibic (right)
Adam Vačkar, Onomatopoeia, 2011
Exhibition view: Nikita Kadan, Procedure room, 2009-2010
Nikita Kadan, Procedure room (detail), 2009-2010
Exhibition view: Tanja Lažetić (center), David Maljković (left), Cyprien Gaillard (right)
Tanja Lažetić, Monument to the Unknown Heroes (detail), 2012
Cyprien Gaillard, Pop up art edition for 032c magazine
Alenka Pirman, Abstract form, 2008
Reinigungsgesellschaft, Eagle, 2000
Exhibition view: Reinigungsgesellschaft (left), Elena Damiani (right)
Kelly Schacht, It seems economical to make use of a character already in play, 2013 (left, bottom center); Nika Špan, Third Shoe, 2013 (right)
For the opening evening and guided tours, visitors were welcomed by twins Jaka and Luka.